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Interpon A5000


Interpon A5000 Primer-Surfacer

Interpon A5000 autobody primers are formulated for superior smoothness and performance properties.  They are available in various colors and shades to meet your key requirements. The hybrid technology is designed to work with a wide variety of pretreatment, e-coat and topcoat layers providing an excellent foundation for superior chip resistance and corrosion properties. Our track record is one of the best in the industry. That is why we supply top OEMs like Chrysler, GM and Scania.  

Interpon A5000 Topcoat

Topcoats require perfection. Interpon A5000 autobody topcoats are formulated in a high durable polyester line designed to meet the peak of smoothness using AkzoNobel’s patented resin technology.  Our topcoat technology meets the harsh environmental demands of the automotive industry providing the ultimate in economics and performance.  The monocoat topcoat line is formulated in solid shades and can be matched to any color.